Fully Geared

The studios are geared with professional audio equipment and furniture. The rooms are acoustically treated to provide a great listening and recording experience.

24/7 Access

The studios, mini kitchen, public restrooms and shower are open 24/7 for clients. The facilities are accessed by using personal keys.

Free Wifi

The facilities include a free wifi connection for studio users. No mobile hotspot required.

Affordable Price

By renting monthly, you'll be paying only 10% of the price compared to paying by the hour for a studio.

Chance to Collaborate

Work on your own, bring in a partner or collaborate with other users. 

Great Location

The studios are located only 3 kilometres from the city centre. Tram and bus stops are right outside the studio.

We rent professionally geared music studios for your audio recording and processing requirements on a monthly basis. We offer shared studios as well as personal studios.

Rent a Music Studio

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Why rent a shared studio?
Traditionally music studios are expensive and rented out on an hourly basis. Kobra's monthly rental studios allow you to utilise professional equipment and acoustically treated rooms continuously without breaking the bank.

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How do shared studios work?


Users get a personal key to the studio facilities enabling 24/7 access. One user can rent several keys to increase studio time in shared studios.


Sessions booked by users range from 1 to 5 hours. Only one session per user can be booked at a time in shared studios.


One shared studio caters for a maximum number of 7 users. This way every user gets enough studio time per month.


We offer plans with varying terms. Longer term rentals come with lower prices and shorter terms come with higher prices.

All contracts have a 3 month notice period. Signing up for an open-term contract requires a minimum of three months rent payment.


Starting at:


If you need a studio on a daily basis, this plan is right for you.

  • Exclusive access

  • 24/7

  • 12-month fixed term


Starting at:


If you are an occasional user this plan is for you. 

  • Shared studio

  • Guaranteed min. 1 day/week

  • Possibility to increase shares

  • 12-month fixed term

Pricing Plans

A shared music studio allows you to cut costs when you don't need a studio daily, but you are constantly in need of a recording and songwriting space.

An exclusive studio provides you with a fully equipped studio space that is available for your needs 24/7. This solution is perfect for labels and active artists or groups.