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Our professional songwriters will write your song in your preferred genre. Let us know your requirements and we'll write it.


Whether it's a song, music for games or a soundtrack for a movie, if you're in need of audio production we have got you covered. We'll produce exactly what you want.


You'll want your new song to sound professional. We'll make sure that all the elements of your track sound good together. 


Before you release your song, it needs to be finalised for all the streaming services. We'll make sure levels are correct and the track is well glued together.


Brand Identity

We'll help you in defining your brand identity. This is what you'll carry with you through your career and will make you remembered. It also helps you stay true to your own thing.


We brainstorm what your identity looks like visually by creating detailed mood boards and content to support your brand identity.


You'll want to have an icon. A nice small thing that can be printed on to anything and will be instantly associated with you.


What will you sound like? What is your tone? We'll define your attitude when speaking to your audience to create a personal experience.


Video & Photo

We create stunning cover art, promo videos, photoshoots and other content for your social media, bio or website. Our long experience in artist marketing guarantees you top quality content. 

Digital Advertising

We handle digital advertising campaigns on social media channels and Spotify. We also work on your SEO to rank you high on Google Search results.


We inform relevant media channels of your moves. We have a great track record in placements on top media channels.


We'll push you to get you placed in front of big audiences. In music this could mean for example movies and advertisements

Management & Consulting

Communication & Partners

We handle management to reduce your workload and to help you focus on your art. We communicate with relevant all relevant partners and establish new ones to grow your audience.

Sponsors & Funding

We handle your budgeting and finances, sponsors and seeking of funding. We'll help you strive as an artist by providing a business angle to your career.


We provide consulting on all the above services. If you want to learn more of anything or need help in any areas, just hit us up. We'd love to help.

Virtual Assistant

We provide a virtual assistant for your music or entertainment business with years of experience in the industry. Regardless of your location we can definitely help you grow your business.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services with a main focus in the music industry. Hire us for individual projects or get your very own virtual assistant regardless of your location on the globe.