What Should Artists Be Doing During Corona Pandemic?

While the new Corona virus is rummaging the music industry, new opportunities for music marketing have risen.

Virtual Live Shows

The pandemic (that we don’t even have to name) has shaken the foundations of the music industry. Note that we mentioned “shaken”, not destroyed or anything close to it. Many major festivals have been cancelled for the time being. Hugely important festivals to the entire music scene such as Coachella and SXSW have had to postpone or cancel their line-ups.

Even Spotify streams have gone down. Who would have thought that digital streaming services would be affected by the pandemic, as they don’t even require you to spend time anywhere else than at home. However, the use of social media and the greatest music platform of all time, YouTube, have increased. And so have virtual live shows.

Virtual live shows are becoming a new trend among artists. Artists, small labels and teams are building little portable live show setups and streaming the shows online. These online live show platforms even sell tickets at ticket vendors. A Finnish start-up called “Keikalla” sells tickets to livestreamed shows by some of the front row artists in Finland. Their site can be accessed at Keikalla.fi.

If you are interested in checking out livestreamed shows, their sites instructions state the following:

“Fans: Buy your tickets from Lippu.fi. You can find all our shows by simply searching keikalla.fi. After your purchase, you get an access code to the show with instructions on how to proceed.”

Social Media and YouTube

If you haven’t yet had time to delve in the world of social media, this is the time for you. As the pandemic spread, weird things happened online. Distance learning and socializing became a fad. Now that people are more active than ever online, you as the artist should be the one that brightens their social media experience.

People love checking out new exciting things from the social media. Especially when they can relate to it. Brainstorm and define your listeners. Start with yourself. Who are you? What are your values? What excites you? What feels right? When you’ve answered these questions, build your personal brand and show yourself. The only way to gain fans is through exposure.

We know how some people feel about TikTok, the new social media trend, but if you are up for it, TikTok can boost your exposure significantly. Many artists have been “discovered” through TikTok so trying it out is definitely encouraged. Also, don’t forget YouTube. A visual experience goes hand in hand with audio. Producing a music video is quite a project but putting out visuals doesn’t necessarily mean making a music video. Visuals for music can be in the form of a promo clip, lyric video, cool artwork or a combination of everything. Get creative.

Kobra offers professional production of content to aid music releases. If you are in need of promo clips, lyric videos, artwork or anything else get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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