The Loose Addictions New Single on Finland's Biggest Radio

Updated: Mar 2

"Break the Chain" was was pre-listened on YleX and featured on the magazine KaaosZine.

The Loose Addictions released new music on the 28th of February through Kobra Entertainment. The fierce new single called Break the Chain is a note to self of the hardship of cutting our toxic people and habits out of one’s life. Musically, the foundation of the song stems from 70’s and 80’s hard rock. However, echoes of Finnish and English folk music can be heard in the guitar melodies. Break the Chain was played on YleX on the Teppo Vapaus program a day prior to the release and featured in this article by the magazine KaaosZine.

The Loose Addictions is a Helsinki based rock squad consisting of Hene Jääsalon (vocals) TuomasHämäläinen (guitar), Ville Väntänen (guitar), Joona Viertola (drums) ja Samuel Kaivola (bass). The band’s music is rather gray garage rock with multicoloured influences from a range of genres. Great sources of inspiration come from bands such as The Black Keys, The Racounteurs and many other 90’s grunge bands. The vocalist Hene Jääsalo deals with harsh relationships, substance abuse and mental issues.

The band has a history of well received gigs and song releases that take the listener down a memory lane of the golden times of rock music. Currently, the band is working on a new album which will appear latest in the beginning of next year. The recent partnership between Kobra and The Loose Addictions was established due to a hunger to expand and move forward towards international markets.

The members of the band like to keep their shows and music creation spontaneous taking influences from everything in their environment. They don’t want to be pigeonholed too much and therefore will strongly hold on to who they truly are.




Article by KaaosZine:

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