The Fastest Growing Genre of Music is now Heavy Metal

Updated: Apr 8

Heavy metal is the fastest grower among all the genres.

Heavy metal artist Pretty Pale. (Photo: Lucas Toljamo)

According to one of the biggest music distribution companies called TuneCore, the popularity of heavy metal grew tremendously. The growth of streams and downloads actually topped all of the genres from 2017.

Heavy metal streams and downloads, in particular, grew 154% over the previous year, the most of any genre, with the fastest-growing styles of music listed below:

Heavy metal – 154% increase

J-Pop – 133% increase

R&B/Soul – 68% increase

K-Pop – 58% increase

World music – 57% increase

Instrumental – 42% increase

Kobra’s artist Pretty Pale belongs to the most popular genre and this surge of popularity is another indicator that you should be keeping an eye on Pretty Pale. Also, you should check out their social media. The band is truly putting effort in to building a brand for their band. With Kobra they’ve been placed on multiple Spotify curated playlists as well as algorithmic playlists bringing 1000’s of streams.

Pretty Pale on Spotify:

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