Pretty Pale's Horror Themed ”Voices” Preview at YleX

Updated: Mar 17

Pretty Pale’s latest single Voices is a depiction of the depressing force of a negative inner dialogue. The release was previewed on YleX radio the evening before the very suitable release date of Friday the 13th.

Pretty Pale’s vocalist Aku Ollila (picture: Lucas Toljamo)

On Friday the 13th (yes, the release date was intentional), the Helsinki based but internationally oriented band, Pretty Pale released their third single Voices. The song is about times of despair when one’s thoughts turn negative and they won’t stop haunting. Voices was previewed on Finland’s leading radio YleX on a program hosted by Teppo Vapaus. Listen to the preview here. Pretty Pale's part begins at 56:55.

The host hadn’t heard of Pretty Pale before, but he seemed rather surprised about the fact that he hadn’t. He praised the number of streams Pretty Pale had gained for their two first releases and commented that the band is on an international level in their genre. “The name of this song is Voices. It works!”, he said before playing the song.

Pretty Pale’s previous releases have been received tremendously well. Their previous single King of the Jungle was played on Sweden’s biggest rock radio channel Bandit Rock and it gained over 10 000 streams on Spotify in the first week. Overall Pretty Pale has been streamed over 200 000 times.

The bands upcoming album release is getting closer by the day. According to the band, the songs have been written and are waiting to be mixed and mastered. This release is one to definitely keep an eye on. Feedback from radio’s, Spotify and fans has been extraordinary.

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